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Our most popular menu choices

We served hundreds of dishes a day at Steak & Co., from our menu of comforting classics, contemporary creations and creative cooking.

Take a look at our most popular menu choices, there’s bound to be something here to tempt you!

What’s your favourite?

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Celebrate Thanksgiving 2012 in London

Are you in London this week and you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Forget about slaving over a hot stove at home for Thanksgiving on Thursday 22 November, we’ve got three restaurant locations in London and are happy to host you and your friends for a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

We can’t promise you turkey or pumpkin pie, but pop in for a delicious steak, succulent ribs, or one of our many chicken, fish or vegetarian dishes – and forget about doing the dishes!

Our dessert menu is also packed with plenty of sweet treats to enjoy. You’ve gotta be thankful for that!

Thanksgiving in London 2012

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Off to the theatre? Show us your tickets!

London theatre dinner special

Heading to a show and looking for a great place to have a meal and share a bottle of wine, either before or after the theatre? Look no further, London! Simply show us your theatre tickets and enjoy a bottle of wine, on us.

Pop in and see us at our restaurant at St Martin’s Lane, or at Garrick Street to redeem this offer before Sunday 16 December.


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‘Doneness’ level: your steak depends on it

Steak doneness. Yes, that is a proper phrase used in kitchens all over the world. The level of ‘doneness’ determines the flavour, texture, temperature and colour of your steak.

Here’s a handy chart (thanks to to help you decide what’s best for you:

Steak cooking levels

A picture can only say so much. Here’s more information about the taste, texture and juiciness:


A blue steak is pretty much how it sounds – seasoned and seared gently on the outside, but completely red throughout. Because the meat is effectively raw, it’s hard to chew and not juicy as heat hasn’t permeated through the meat.


A rare steak is one for the beef purists out there. Often referred to as ‘the perfect steak’, a rare steak is seasoned and seared, and the insides are 75% red. After cooking and a brief resting period, the steak will be tender and juicy.

Medium rare

A medium rare steak takes the concept of the rare steak just a little further – the insides should appear 50% red. This level of steak doneness should still result in a juicy and tender steak.


A medium steak is seasoned and seared well on the outside so that just 25% of the insides are light pink. After cooking and resting, the steak will have a tougher texture and a less-juicy inside.

Medium well

A medium well steak is cooked throughout, with only a touch of pink inside, barely noticeable. This steak will be chewy and have very little moisture inside.

Well done

Some would say a well done steak is a waste of a good-quality piece of beef. Others like it for it’s crisp outer, completely cooked insides and leathery texture.

At Steak and Co., we’re happy to cook your steak to whatever level of doneness you desire.

Our brilliant sizzling steak concept – delivered to your table on a hot steak stone – means that you’re in control of your steak, cooking it to your own personal level of beefy perfection!

Steak and Co. sizzling steak

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Come and join us on Facebook!

If you’ve eaten at one of our Steak & Co. restaurants before, or simply plan to visit us soon, join us on Facebook for the latest news, offers and behind-the-scenes fun.

You’ll find us if you search for Steak and Co. See you there!

Steak & Co. Facebook

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