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What’s the best drink to go with steak?

What do you drink with your steak?

You may have heard the old adage, “red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat”, but who says you have to stick to the rules?

There’s no need to be a wine expert to conjure up a great pairing between what you eat for dinner and what you drink to accompany it. Go with what you feel like drinking, but if you want a guide, here’s a few helpful hints that you may find useful next time you dine:
Steak and Co London Red Wine
  • Red wine is the traditional favourite to drink alongside a meaty steak. Drink a full-bodied red wine with steak if you’re enjoying yours cooked without too many adornments – sauce, butter, etc. The properties of the red wine will help to get the best out of your steak without interfering with the flavour.
  • It’s all about balance. A good tip to remember is that red wine tannins + red meat protein = heavenly taste. The fatty protein in the meat helps balance the sharper tannins, making for a perfectly balanced meal. So, if your steak is on the fattier side, your wine should be full-bodied, and if your steak is lean, then go for something a little lighter.
  • White wines can work with steak too, and a nice dry wine can really make the rich taste of a sizzling steak sing. A nice rosé can also help strike a good balance.
  • Beer and steak? It’s a no-brainer. Sometimes there’s nothing better than washing down a big t-bone steak with a frothy pint of ale or lager. For a more relaxed take on dinner, this is a great option.
  • Don’t drink? The sweetness and fizz of a soft drink can also be a great accompaniment to your meal, as can a refreshing mineral water or fruit juice.
At Steak & Co., we’ve put together an extensive wine and drinks list, with a tipple to tickle every tastebud and budget.
What do you drink with your steak?
Steak and Co London Wine List
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Lunch for less at Steak & Co. London

Have you heard about our popular £7.95 lunch specials here at Steak & Co.?

Forget about the sloppy sandwich in your bag, and shun the greasy fast food – you can eat good food for far less than you think at your nearest Steak & Co. restaurant without all the hustle and bustle of a busy food hall.

Beef and Ale Stew with Dumplings

Whether you’re out shopping and need a break, seeing a matinée show and feel your tummy rumble, or simply on your lunch break from work – pop in and order a delicious meal for small change.

Our Steak & Co. lunch specials menu ranges from the very popular Beef & Ale Stew (pictured above), to our famous Sliced Sizzling Sirloin, as well as Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Chilli Jacket Potato, and French Onion Soup.

Take a look at the menu!

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Our definitive guide to the best steak cuts

Sirloin, rump, rib eye, fillet steak, there are so many options, so which cut of steak is best? Each cut of steak has unique qualities, from texture and taste, to size and fat content.

Steak and Co steakhouseLet’s take a look at the most common cuts:

  • Sirloin steak – A versatile and tasty cut of steak cut from the tenderloin, the sirloin is a popular choice for many diners. A good sirloin steak will have a strip of fat surrounding the outer edge, which helps to intensify the flavour during the cooking process.
  • Rump steak – The rump steak has great firm texture and a bold flavour and tends to be cut in a large portion – great for super appetites!
  • Rib eye steak – The hearty rib eye steak is cut from the rib section, and is one of the most succulent and flavourful steaks available. The marbling of fat is quite high, contributing to the full flavour and tender, moist texture.
  • Fillet steak – A beautiful, lean cut of steak, the fillet steak is best when cooked from rare to medium-rare to showcase the quality and flavour of the meat.
  • T-Bone steak – The t-bone is perhaps the most flavourful – defined by the large t-shaped bone separating the strip steak from the tenderloin.
  • New York strip steak – A specialty sirloin, the New York strip steak (sometimes known as a Porterhouse steak) is trimmed into a nice, thick steak with plenty of marbling and a succulent texture.
Whichever steak you choose, a lot of a steak’s personality comes down to the way the steak is cooked, how the beef is fed, and the sauce you choose to accompany your steak – all aspects we’ll explore further so that you can make the very best choice next time you dine!

In the meantime, take a look at the Steak & Co menu to see the quality cuts of steak we have on offer.

What’s your favourite cut of steak?

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